On February 11, the sixth Airdrie Mayor’s Night of the Arts (AMNA) will take place at Bert Church Theatre. 

The AMNA Awards were created to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of some of Airdrie's most talented artists.  

These artists bring a lot of vibrancy to the city with many different art forms like music, dance, film, culinary arts and so much more.  

Committee Chair for the Airdrie Mayor’s Night of the Arts Awards; Tina Petrow said it’s great to see the talent this city has to offer. 

“It's meant to really highlight the diversity of art that we have in the city. The amount of amazing talent that we host here, it's incredible to see. We got a lot of nominations this year, which was also great to see.”  

When the pandemic started, all events were postponed or canceled altogether. The AMNA Awards was put on a three-year hiatus because of the pandemic. Petrow was surprised when they got a lot of nominations for this event since most events that take such a long break don’t come back as strong or at all. 

There are six awards presented at this event: Patron of the Arts Award, Champion of the Arts Award, Professional Artist Award, Emerging Artist Award, Arts Educator Award, and the Youth Artist Award. 

Some of these awards go to a teacher of the arts for their contribution, other awards go to people helping the arts community as a whole. 

These awards help recognize many different types of artists, and Petrow says it’s something that many artists work towards. 

“For the individual artists, it's being recognized for what you spend your time doing because artistic people, or creative people, tend to pour their heart and soul into their work. So, to have that recognized is quite an accomplishment, because it shows that all your work has been paying off. For the community highlighting that diversity, and that caliber of entertainment that we have here, it's again, quite incredible.” 

There are still tickets available for this event on Bert Church Theatre’s website

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