This week's recent cold snap has seen Albertans looking to crank their thermostat to combat the cold, this resulted in ENMAX hitting a new peak for winter electricity demand maxing out at 1,656 megawatts on Thursday.

With the cold snap lasting throughout the weekend, many airdronians will be looking to keep the heat up which can lead to higher energy bills, so finding ways to lower costs can go a long way to ease the stress on residents.

One thing that can be done is simply adjusting your thermostat and turning down the heat. Even in the extreme cold, it can save up to 10 per cent on resident's energy usage. Gradually lower the thermostat by one degree at a time to acclimatize safely to the colder temperatures. 

Space heaters are small and effective heating devices that are used to heat specific rooms in your home and are a great alternative to using central heating throughout the whole house. Be sure to exercise caution due to the potential fire risks posed by their usage, and adhere to all safety instructions for proper usage. 

Ensuring efficient energy usage is a great way to lower energy bills, making sure to only heat parts of the house in use can save dozens in monthly energy costs. 

In the face of dropping temperatures and economic challenges, implementing these energy-saving techniques will not only ensure a warmer home but will also empower Airdronians to navigate their bills more efficiently during these economically challenging times.  

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