With the Christmas season and potentially a lot more snow around the corner, are gas prices going to continue to head in the right direction?

Over the past month, Airdrie and Alberta have seen the prices slowly on a downward trend.

As of right now, at most gas stations in Airdrie, regular fuel is priced at $127.9. According to Gas Buddy's Head of Petroleum Analysis, Patrick De Haan we are below the provincial average.

"Over the past month, the Alberta provincial average started at $137.9, and now sits around $130.9, with many gas stations actually reporting lower prices."

De Haan the reason for the downfall right now is the current price of oil..

"Prices have now fallen for four straight weeks, though we have seen a little bit of a rally in the last couple of sessions."

He also said we could see the trend continue for the next couple of weeks since another factor in the price drop we are seeing is a decrease in demand.

Here in Airdrie, we haven't seen really cold temperatures or big accumulations of snow, yet. These are factors that can contribute to less usage.

When asked if or when we could see the prices jump again, De Haan stated he did not believe so, at least not for the time being.

"Unless the weather is extremely cold, that's something that could have an impact."

Diesel is also on a downward trend but with colder weather slowly approaching, that will more than likely change.

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