Every family has one member who is different from the others for various reasons. 
While my family and I share many similarities, there is one significant difference that leaps out, which is most noticeable at mealtime....

My family adores mushrooms. In and on everything. I despise them. For me, they are slimy, tasteless morsels of disgust. I'll sniff them out no matter how hard they try to disguise them in my food in order to persuade me to consume just one. 

Most things I am more than willing to try once, and I have tried them... more than once, yet they still revolt me every time. So I'm over it; they're just not something I'll ever gladly ingest. 

So, whenever we sit down to eat, they taunt me and attempt to persuade me to eat them, typically by telling me how tasty they are or that I am losing out on a superfood, to which I always respond, "Nope."

My boyfriend has the same problem in my place because he is an Oilers supporter who lives with a bunch of Flames fans.

What makes you the innocent outsider in your family? Opposite sports teams? A coke drinker in a Pepsi house? Let us know!