Farmers are out on the fields, and there are risks that come along with that.  Power lines are part of the rural landscape, but they can be dangerous to farmers. ATCO Electric is offering assistance to farmers to make sure they can move their farm equipment safely. Contact with a power line is totally preventable, and potentially fatal.  

"Our concern is making sure everyone is safe, particularly when they are working in fields and in and around power lines," says Karis Sakowsky, Vice President of the Engineering Construction with ATCO Electric.  "We're trying to get a message out to everyone that there are certain risks in moving your typical farm yard equipment and agricultural equipment."

In order to be safe Sakowsky says,"You need to understand the height of your equipment, you need to be cognoscente of where power lines are, they can be above you as well as underground." He suggests if you are working within seven meters of a power line to contact your local friendly utility and make sure you are operating and working in safe conditions.

There have been five deaths in Alberta over the last two years from farm equipment contacting power lines. Along with the safety risk, contact with a power line can damage equipment and cause power outages.

For more information, contact ATCO Electric at 1-800-668-2248 and ask for your local office.