A virus outbreak has left many cats in pain and visiting the veterinarian.

Wild Rose Humane Society in Didsbury unfortunately had a Calicivirus outbreak and at least 10 cats have been affected by it.

Leah Jones, the office administrator at the Wild Rose Humane Society talked about how this virus is affecting them.

"They get ulcers in their mouth, as well as an upper respiratory infection, making it hard for them to eat."

According to VCA Canada, Calicivirus causes the typical clinical signs of an upper respiratory infection involving the nose and throat such as sneezing, nasal congestion, conjunctivitis (inflammation of the membranes lining the eyelids), and discharge from the nose or eyes.

"If an infected cat sneezes, airborne viral particles can be sprayed several meters through the air. It is speculated that the virus may also be shed in urine or feces, but this is not considered to be a major source of infection," stated VCA Canada.

atPhoto of what the Calicivirus can do to a cat. Photo provided by Jones.

According to Jones, at least 10 cats in their care caught the virus, and each one had to go to the vet for an appointment and medication.

"The average cost for an appointment with a cat with the Calicivirus is anywhere from $100 to $250 per cat."

Last Monday alone, Jones took seven cats alone to get looked at.

As a volunteer-run organization, Jones stated the society is currently asking for donations, the goal being $5,000 to pay for all the medical bills including medicine.

"It would be tremendously helpful because we are a volunteer organization. And we do rely heavily on community donations, company donations and things like that.

To make a donation and help the society with their bills, click HERE.

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