One Airdronian made the most of the most recent snowfall in the city!

While some people don't appreciate the cold weather that typically follows heavy snowfalls, some individuals take advantage of it. At the beginning of the week, Airdrie received more than enough snow to cover the streets and yards in white once more.

One Airdronian used the snow to their advantage and it was all caught on camera.

This video was captured on Airdronian Pierre Fenley Hart's nest camera, which he posted  to social media with the caption, "Please drive slow and take care...there's Mushers out there."

In the video, an Airdronian is seen being pulled by his dog while riding on a sled in the neighbourhood of Big Springs, giving a new meaning to the phrase "taking your dog for a walk."

February 20 saw 12.1 centimetres of snow while February 21 saw 8.4 centimetres.

Airdrie's cold spell is soon to disperse as the weekend sees highs around the zero-degree range.

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