The Government of Alberta just released statements in support of those who have evacuated livestock and are looking for space.

Grazing disposition holders can accept livestock from other producers on their lease land to shelter displaced livestock without application prior to. This must be reported to the local rangeland agrologist within seven days. Here is the statement from GoA:

Under the provincial state of emergency, grazing disposition holders with grazing capacity can accept livestock from other producers subject to the following conditions:

  • Grazing disposition holders remain responsible for stewardship of the disposition.
  • Grazing disposition holders who accept other livestock must report the additional livestock on the lease within seven calendar days to their local rangeland agrologist.
  • Grazing disposition holders must report any measures taken with respect to supplemental feeding within seven calendar days.
  • The health of the rangeland must be maintained.
  • The use by the other livestock must be reported on the dispositions holder’s stock return.

Grazing disposition holders can also undertake supplemental feeding on lease land to help with sheltering displaced livestock. This also must be reported to the local rangeland agrologist within seven days.

Fire has impacted a significant number of grazing dispositions, resulting in significant losses to infrastructure (primarily fences and corrals).

For the full government statement, CLICK HERE


Provincial state of emergency has been declared


Wildfire status update:

At the time of writing, there were 92 active fires burning in Alberta.

So far in 2023, there have been 492 wildfires; burning a total area to date of 802,572 ha (1,983,199 acres). That is an increase of 186,882 ha (461,795 acres) in the last three days.

For updates on the situation click this link to the Alberta Wildfire Status Dashboard


Albertans who require assistance can call 310-4455 for wildfire related info. This includes all farmers and ranchers who have livestock related questions. This resource line is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Many livestock producers are being impacted with evacuation orders and will be dealing with loss as a result of these fires. Our thoughts are with all producers who are facing the impacts of these fires. If you are a WSGA member and are looking for support or can lend support, please contact the office at 403-250-9121




  • The Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies has posted a list of available sites on their website to accommodate evacuees - both people and livestock. Here is the link: SPACE FOR CAMPERS & LIVESTOCK - AAAS


  • People who are affected by the wildfires and are looking for livestock space can contact Alberta Auction Markets. All auction markets have space for livestock and they have a list on their website: Alberta Auction Markets Association. You can also call: North: 780-789-3915 South: 403-358-0456


  • Alberta Beef Producers has posted a map of facilities available for evacuated animals HERE


  • Alberta Equestrian Federation has created an emergency directory for owners in need to connect with those that can help HERE If you can provide assistance or need assistance, you can register on their directory.


  • Alberta Veterinary Medical Association has a searchable vet directory if you are looking for vet services for impacted livestock HERE


  • Livestock producers who are in need of grazing options during this emergency situation can call 310-LAND (5263) to be connected with a local agrologist. The government is accepting applications for temporary grazing on vacant public lands.


  • If you are able to provide feed / hay for those affected, you can post a free ad on use FIREAB in your ad so it can be easily searched.


  • Land owners and managers with potential insurance coverage/claims should get in touch with their providers as soon as possible. Some claim windows may be as short as two weeks from the fire event.