The town of Didsbury has announced that the construction that is occurring near its hospital is for the new building for Public and Mental Health on the grounds of Didsbury District Health Services.

According to the town, excavation and surveying work is underway, with construction expected to take approximately one year to complete.

Funding for the project was provided through the Government of Alberta’s Rural Revitalization program. The current budget of approximately $6.5 million has been approved, but the overall project budget is currently under review.

The new 6,120 square-foot facilities will include AHS staff offices, two public health clinics, four therapy rooms, two larger group therapy rooms, and one shared clinic room for public and mental health. It will also include a small day-use kitchen for AHS to provide support programs for the community.

The project also includes significant renovations and reorganizing of different areas in the main Didsbury Health Services building which will provide more functional spaces for EMS, rehabilitation and homecare. All current healthcare services will continue to be provided at the Didsbury District Health Services during construction; however, some services may be relocated to temporary areas.

JMAA Architecture has been hired as the Prime Consultant and Shunda Consulting as the Construction manager for the project.

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