Falling firmly into the stupid criminal category, this story comes to us from the great State of Georgia.

Georgia police are looking for a thief, who broke into a car, stole a camera phone.... and then took a photo of himself without realizing the shot automatically uploaded to his victim's Facebook page.

Major Jason Bolton with the State Police says, “Obviously, this individual had no idea that the victim's phone had these settings on it that caused it to automatically upload to Facebook. I’m thinking he’s going to be pretty surprised.” 

Police are asking that anyone recognizing the suspect call investigators.

"We don’t normally get pictures with this sort of clarity, and it’s just real exciting to have a picture that the quality is this good that we can put out there,” Bolton said. “We feel confident that he’s definitely going to be recognizable.”

It's like I always say, there are no smart people in jail....and I'm sure this dude will be joining his fellow Mensa members shortly.