With the spooky season just around the corner, the Airdrie Boys and Girls Club is ready to hit the high seas with the return of one of their largest fundraising events, AIRSCARES! 

With this being the first year back since COVID, Kathy Richer, the manager of events, volunteers and administration at BGC (Boys and Girls Club) Airdrie talks about this year's theme. 

“It is the Pirates of the Scaribbean. We've always wanted to build a ghost ship theme.” 

AIRSCARES has been around in Airdrie for about 10 years now. They did just come off of a two-year break because of COVID but they are ready to go! 

“We are so excited that we can't contain it.” 

One scary feature that has been added this year is that if you get too scared to go through the whole haunted house, you can scream out the word unicorn, then you will be allowed to leave. There is a catch though if you do scream out unicorn you have to go wait outside in the unicorn corral till the rest of your group is finished going through the house. 

unicorn corralPhoto of the unicorn corral.

AIRSCARES started on Tuesday, October 18 and will run on the 19, 20, 21,22 and 23. This Saturday and Sunday there will be a matinee for all the young kids to come by and check it out. There will be a bit of a break next Monday and Tuesday when they won’t be open to the public but will be back next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

“The event is $15 per person. We recommend anyone under the age of 12 be accompanied by an adult. We start at seven o'clock, and the weeknights will go till 10 p.m. And then Friday, Saturday, we go till 11.” 

All money raised from this event will go towards helping sustain the programs, services and resources that they provide to children, youth and families in Airdrie. 

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