This holiday season, there will be an increase in the cost of mailing a package through Canada Post.

Rising fuel prices result in more significant delivery surcharges for packages and presents in the run-up to Christmas.

According to Canada Posts, this week's fuel surcharge goes as follows:

  • Domestic Services    39.50 per cent
  • USA and International Parcel Services    23 per cent
  • USA and International Packet Services    21 per cent
  • PriorityTM Worldwide    21.25 per cent

"We are now adjusting fuel surcharges weekly —up or down—as fuel prices change. Changes are applied the first Monday of each week and are reflected on your invoice," stated their website.

Domestic surcharges are calculated using the average diesel price as determined by Kalibrate Technologies Ltd., a private organization that tracks Canadian fuel prices, according to Canada Post. To see the rates, click HERE.

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