MP of Airdrie-Banff, Blake Richards called out Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau on why it costs so much to heat Canadian and Albertan homes. 

"People in my part of Alberta were just hit with five inches of snow and more is on the way. Winter is coming, and Canadians will need to heat their homes to keep out of the cold."

Richards said that the Prime Minster asked him if he remembers where we even live.

"Why is the prime minister taxing home heating feel like it's some kind of luxury? Has he forgotten that we live in Canada?"

Steven Guilbeault Minister of Environment and Climate Change of Canada for the Liberal party raised a counterpoint saying the only way to eliminate energy poverty is to reduce household costs of energy and by fighting climate change.

"With the volatility of oil prices and record profits of oil companies. Conservatives are proposing Canadians be chained to oil and gas markets and completely vulnerable to foreign wars."

The Liberal's plan is to give Canadians autonomy and sovereignty over their energy needs and their finances.

Richards concluded by asking when will the prime minister do the right thing and cancel his plan to triple the taxes on gas groceries and home heating.

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