The Canadian Cattle Youth Council nominations are closing this Friday (May17).

The Council aims to help prepare beef cattle farmer and ranchers from the ages 18 to 40 for future leadership roles through professional development.

Brodie Haugan, Chair of Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) explains what it all entails.

"The Canadian Cattle Youth Council is a great opportunity for the next generation of beef producers to get involved and see firsthand the discussions happening on a national level. Alberta Beef Producers is currently looking for our next Alberta Rep. who will fill a two-year position. This individual will have an opportunity to travel across Canada, participating in many CCA (Candian Cattle Association) events as well as several ABP events in Alberta," Haugan said in an Alberta Beef Producers news release.

Haugan had a nomination into the Canadian Cattle Youth Council 10 years ago and explains how it helped benefit him.

"It was a wonderful opportunity to understand the beef cattle organizations working across the country and how they interacted with one another. That opportunity really helps build the confidence for me to come back into Alberta and run for an elected position to represent the industry," he said in an Alberta Beef Producers news release.

For more information on those who are interested and are between the ages of 18 to 40, visit