Nominations have now opened to the public for the "Mr. Airdrie Memorial Award in Honour of Keith Wilkinson".

After the sudden passing of one of Airdrie's most beloved souls earlier this year, an anonymous donor has created the "Mr. Airdrie Memorial Award in Honour of Keith Wilkinson" to continue his legacy.  

Mike Reist, is one of the Airdronians spearheading this initiative and organizing the format in which a winner will be chosen. 

Wilkinson helped out the community in many different ways, some examples include him being a part of 100 Airdrie Men Who Give a Damn, helping fundraise money for Genesis Place, playing Santa and visiting some of the young local residents and being a part of the Lions Club for a long time. 

"We're looking to share that ideal that Keith shared with the community and hopefully somebody has a good representation of what Keith values to be the recipient of this award."

According to Reist, you must get permission from the person you are nominating. Nominations are open to any residents of Airdrie

The winner of the award will be announced close to Christmas. A new Airdronian will receive the award each year as this will be an annual event.

Nominations opened on October 17 and will last until November 17. Once the nomination period has ended, the voting process will begin on November 20.

If you would like to nominate somebody, click HERE.

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