Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society hosted a MS Bike ride from Airdrie to Olds this past weekend.

Kyla Arsenault the Senior Director of Community Fundraising said the event gives people with MS a support network.

"[It also] gives people without MS a chance to experience in a small amount what it's like to live with MS as the event [simulates] MS-like symptoms; [everything] from fatigued muscles to the ache in muscles." 

For the past two years, due to COVID-19, the bike ride was not possible to do in person. This year, it was expected, that there would be hundreds of attendees, in-person and online, Arsenault stated. For many, especially those who live with MS, the event's taking place is crucial to them and their families.  

"The event is really important for Canadians, as over 90,000 struggle with MS in Canada. But the research is also trying to help answer important questions; such as why Canada is the country with the highest rates of MS in the world." 

The ride this weekend had two separate routes for participants to complete each day, along with multiple rest stops along the way. 

The Saturday route had the following two options a short route which was 89 kilometres or a long route which was 114 kilometres.

The Bike Route of the event June 25th, 2022The Bike Route of the event June 25th, 2022

For Sunday, a short route of 67 kilometres was available. And if one wanted a challenge there was a route of 98 kilometres.

The Bike Route of the event June 26th, 2022The Bike Route of the event June 26th, 2022 


Arsenault added that the event really is for everyone, although it's not meant to be a competition. 

"While a lot of really strong cyclists come and they have fun competing with each other, it really is accessible for everyone" 

Regardless of people's physical capabilities, they want everyone to feel welcomed to participate, especially those living with MS. 

Most importantly Arsenault adds, "We want people who have MS to know that it's a safe place to come and a great way to connect"

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