With the wildfires still causing trouble in central and northern Alberta, here are all the fire advisories and bans for the surrounding area for this long weekend.

Airdrie is currently under a fire restriction. According to the city, a fire restriction means a higher level of warning before a fire ban. Certain types of burning will be restricted, while certain types will be allowed. It is important to read the details of the fire restriction as they will vary from municipality to municipality. Under this restriction, all existing fire permits are suspended and no new fire permits will be issued until conditions improve.

Cochrane is under a fire advisory which came into effect on May 1. Under this advisory, open fires will be permitted, but residents are urged to exercise extreme caution and soak the surrounding area with water before using fire pits.

All of Rocky View County is under a fire ban, During a fire ban, all burning and fireworks permits are suspended, and burning is banned, with the following exceptions:

  • Indoor household fireplaces
  • Camp stoves (properly attended)
  • Barbecues (charcoal briquettes, propane, or natural gas)
  • Wood pellet grills
  • Propane/natural gas fire pit
  • Oil well flaring

For those heading towards the mountains, the Forest Protection Area is under a complete fire ban. Canmore, Lake Louise and Banff National Park are all under a fire advisory. 

Foothills County is currently under fire restriction while Calgary, Strathmore, Crossfield, and Wheatland County are all under a fire advisory while all of Mountain View County are under a fire ban.

A list of current fire bans and advisories can be found here.