Local professional film makeup artist  Amanda Tozser showcased her talents at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this past weekend. 

According to Tozser, she was joined by other makeup artists, Katt Panic and Melody Kielek who had an amazing time at the event.

Tozser did the makeup for cosplayers (cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character) as they might have had an awesome costume but did not know how or the makeup aspect. Saturday and Sunday, she held a panel with Charlie from Don's Costume Shop & Make Up Shop to help them out called Essential Cosplay Makeup.

"The makeup can enhance the costume so much, that's what we teach in the panels, what's to use, what's safe for your skin and things like that. They were packed for both days." 

To help with the makeup, Tozser was lent some amazing different pieces and props from creator Olga Sem to help make some people's costumes pop even better. Tozser explained the two different pieces she borrowed from Sem.

"It was like devil and angel builds.  Black and deep reds in this devil-looking outfit. Then the other performer in like angelic white feathers, white wings and gold."  

AmandaPhoto of one of the costumes Tozser did the makeup for with the help of props from Olga Sem.


"My models were just getting stopped every five seconds for photos, because all of a sudden, you have this illusion in this creature next to you with like full spread-out wings, and it is just a fun thing to see."

Tozser mentioned they probably did over 100 different face paintings for kids on Sunday alone.

"I love painting like the little Spider Man's and the girls that just wanted to be like pretty glittery butterflies, and then they're just transformed in their own little world for the day."

One thing that happens every year is that there is a booth that helps raise funds for non-profit organizations, this year a part of the booth was the Star Wars Sith Lord Darth Maul, which Tozser did the makeup for.

Darth Maul

Tozser also did the makeup for Niki Middleton who volunteered to be painted as She-Hulk.


Next year Tozser is excited to go back to the Expo. She mentioned she will have a bigger booth to hopefully have around six makeup artists do makeup. 

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