This evening, the Airdrie and District Community Foundation (ADCF) handed out $30,000 worth of grants for organizations making Airdrie a better place.

A registered charity, The Airdrie and District Community Foundation allows people and organizations to donate tax-deductible funds to a lasting financial legacy that will benefit Airdrie for years to come. Those who donate have the option to pick where their funds go.

Here is a list of all the organizations that received a grant from the foundation:

Airdrie Public Library ($4,170 from Graham fund) 

AirdriePhoto includes members of the library and the ADCF

Thumbs Up Foundation ($600 from the Murray Buchanan Fund) 

aPhoto includes members of Thumbs Up and the ADCF


Airdrie Health Foundation ($1,315 from Hayes Fund [for Laerdal AED Trainer 3] and $6,040 from the Hihn Fund [for a cast cutter])

AirdriePhoto includes members of AHF and the ADCF


Airdrie Meals on Wheels ($1,565 from the Hayes Fund) 

aPhoto includes members of Airdrie Meals on Wheels and ADCF


Airdrie Rotary Festival of Performing Arts – ($3,000 from Hihn fund)

AirdriePhoto includes members of the Festival of Arts and ADCF


Volunteer Airdrie ($2,750 from the Hihn fund) 

AirdriePhoto includes members of Volunteer Airdrie and ADCF


North Rockyview Community Links Society ($5,469 from Hihn fund & general fund) 

aPhoto includes members of Community Links and ADCF


Airdrie 1st Club ($2,444 from D Buchanan and general fund)

aPhoto includes members of Airdrie 1st CLub and ADCF

BGC Airdrie ($2,647 from the Burton and general funds)

aPhoto includes members of BGC Airdrie and the ADCF

Kelly Boudreau, the vice chair of the Board of the Airdrie and District Community Foundation was excited to see these organizations receive much-needed funds.

"it feels like we're making an impact. And it might be a small one right now, but we're growing it for the future and hoping to bring in some bigger donations that can then support the community even more."

Since the early 2010s, the foundation started with a $11,000 fund, that has now grown to $900,000.

"What we give away every year is just the growth and the interest on the principle that is staying invested. That money gets applied for by local charities, then we decide who receives some of the funds and how much unless the original donor wants it going somewhere specific."

While planning to hit $1 million by this year, they hope they can grow the foundation fund to $2 million within a couple of years.

Boudreau finished off by thanking everybody that helps make a night like this successful as in the end, it will end up helping the community.

This was the sixth time a gala was hosted, COVID put it on hold for a few years.

The foundation has a fund of just over $900,000.Send your news tips, story ideas, pictures, and videos to You can also message and follow us on Twitter: @AIR1061FM

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