The Farmers' Almanac has released its prediction for the summer, and things are going to look a lot like the current temperatures we are having right now. 

According to the Almanac, last summer was the third warmest in Canada’s history, with 1998 and 2021 being the only years warmer. 

"Temperatures across the country were 1.6 degrees above normal. The summer heat sizzled longer with many places feeling the heat from May to October and others from July to November." 

This year, according to the Almanac it will look a lot like the same, with sizzling temperatures. 

"Our forecast, which is based on a proprietary formula that relies on many factors, including the Moon, is calling for a warmer than normal summer for most of the country," the Almanac stated.

FarmersPhoto of what the prairies will look like according to the Almanac.

The heat is expected to last from late June through early September in many areas.

"Temperatures at times will soar into past 32°C, in some cases even approaching 37°C.  Factor in the oppressive humidity and heat indices could approach 40°C in some areas," explained the Almanac.  

With that being said, the Almanac does predict that the prairies, including Airdrie and Alberta, will see some rain, including big thunderstorms.  

Right now Airdrie is currently under fire advisory due to the heat and dry conditions. 

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