In an open letter Wednesday, Canadian Wheat Board District 1 Director, Henry Vos announced, with deep regret, his immediate resignation, saying "what is happening at the CWB today is, in a word, wrong." He said "to continue to work within the existing dysfunctional CWB board would be a disservice to those who voted for me as their director." Vos told The Range this week's move by the CWB to sue the Canadian government forced his hand.

In his letter, Vos adds that staying on as director the way things are would also be a disservice to all the farmers who want change and an option of using a voluntary CWB.

Vos says he believes the Government of Canada's efforts to change the CWB are in the best interests of Western Canadian grain producers, and he'll support their efforts and those of others committed to bringing about positive change for Western Canadian farmers. In the most recent development, a group of western farmers long opposed to the wheat board’s monopoly over grain sales, announced Thursday it will seek an injunction against the federal grain marketing agency.