Now that Kelly Hegg has been chosen to represent the PC Party for MLA in the Airdrie constituency, his first order of business is to get the message out to ensure "people understand where the Redford team is coming from, and to make sure that message is shared with the residents of Airdrie".

If you're curious about what becomes of the aldermanic post Hegg currently holds for the City of Airdrie, nothing will change unless he is elected as an MLA. As a Member of the Legislative Assembly, Hegg must resign as he would be disqualified from city council under Section 174(1)(c) of the Municipal Government Act. Certain timelines determine if a by-election has to be held. This depends on when Hegg is sworn in as MLA and the time the next provincial election is set.

Kari Kitiuk from the City of Airdrie explains the process.

Saturday, Hegg won the PC nomination to run for MLA in the new Airdrie riding, ousting fellow contenders Linda Bruce and Michael Crawford.