Airdrie saw a bunch of snowfall last night and we will see a bit more this morning. 

Clean up has begun on the snow that fell overnight in Airdrie and the surrounding area. Roads are snow-covered and we are still under a snowfall working for the morning as the weather system passes through Airdrie. We could see another 2-4 cm before it ends.

After that temperatures will remain chilly and we expect more snow to fall this week. There is a chance of flurries tomorrow (Feb 4) afternoon and snow is also expected to fall both Thursday (Feb 5) and Friday (Feb 6). More flurries are possible overnight on Sunday evening. 

Reports so far are that area roads are in the who's lane is it anyway phase and if you are heading onto the highway expect reduced visibility and blowing snow. Watch out for large vehicles passing as well since they disturb the snow around them and cause some temporary snow gusts that limit visibility. 

It's recommended you make sure to wipe off your vehicle completely of any snow and make sure your lights are on before driving away, this way you are visible to others and can see all around you while driving. Some of the extra slippery spots to watch out for are bridge decks, overpasses and exit ramps as they can become especially slippery. 

The responsibility of cleaning sidewalks and other areas around homes falls on homeowners and for safety reasons, you're allowed 24 hours once the snow stops falling to get it cleaned up. Another thing to be aware of is that it's also the homeowner's job to make sure snow from your driveway and sidewalks is not deposited on city roads or public places, it should go on your property. Snow being deposited onto roadways can be dangerous as pedestrians sometimes can't see oncoming vehicles. Parking can also become an issue when the snow gets piled on neighbourhood streets.

If you don't clear off the snow in time, the city may bring in a contractor to have the job done and the way the bylaw is set up, the bill will get sent to the homeowner and if they don't pay it, it is put on their tax roll. Fines for non-compliance with the snow clearing bylaw start at $50 for the first offence. 

Another reminder for anyone using a snowblower to clear things up, you are allowed to shovel at any time but cannot use any mechanical equipment to clear driveways and sidewalks until at least 7:00 am and later on weekends and holidays.

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