In what could arguably be the biggest comeback in the history of mankind, it appears the Cheeto statue from Cheadle has made a surprise return in Calgary.

Reddit user iAmClaytonator posted this photo in the Calgary subreddit, where he says the Cheeto is being set up in Calgary on 1st Street 12th Avenue. If the Cheeto has indeed decided to grace us mortals with its presence once again, it could be a prime location for anybody traveling to Calgary to pay a visit. With many community members already going to Calgary for the Stampede, be sure to pay the Cheeto a visit if you see it!

cheetoReddit user cooldudetrey posted this photo of the Cheeto in transit. One can only imagine the pure ecstasy of seeing such a majestic figure proudly patrolling the streets.

There is no word yet on why the Cheeto decided to move from Cheadle to Calgary, but perhaps it too wanted to enjoy the Calgary Stampede. Rumour has it the Cheeto may even compete in bull riding, as several unsubstantiated sources believe they may have seen an unusually large bull covered in Cheeto dust.

If you stop by Calgary and see the Cheeto statue be sure to comment a picture below!