On Monday, Rocky View County celebrated the grand opening of the East Balzac water treatment plant and reservoir with a ribbon cutting ceremony and tours of the facility and reservoir. Construction of the facility began in the fall of 2009, it became operational in December 2010, and water delivery began in February of this year.  Byron Riemann, Infrastructure and Operations Director for Rocky View County, shed light on the sustainability of the plant and what it means for residents. 

Riemann says he's excited about the future of the treatment plant.



The total cost of the project was $36 million, partially funded by an $8 million grant from Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. The remaining cost of $28 million will be recouped through developer’s contributions which vary depending on the type of development and the expected amount of water usage. The plant provides an average of 2,500 cubic metres of water per day - equivalent to 250 water trucks.