The 2023 George McDougall valedictorian is Kennedy Brown.

According to Brown, being named the valedictorian, she could not believe it and called it a privilege.

To become valedictorian, Brown mentioned you need to be on the honour roll for both grades 11 and 12 (Above 80 per cent in all classes) and needed school and community involvement.

"The main part that I contributed to my school is through Student council and leadership."

Out in the community, Brown volunteers at École Edwards Elementary School.

"I started volunteering with a grade two class. I go twice a month, and I help students who need a little bit of extra support in the classroom."

With the student council, they volunteer about once a month to spend so time with seniors from Cedarwood Station.

Brown spent two full years at George McDougall, Grades nine and 12, while grades 10 and 11 were spent in the Building Futures Program.

"It offers high school students to work with tradespeople during the entire home-building process. I actually earned high school credits, while also building a house."

While playing badminton, Brown also helped organize the famous Ride of the Mustang.

When asked about what message she would give her fellow grade 12 classmates, It's that whatever you do after school it does not define you.

"I don't believe those things are what makes you who you are. And I think a lot of times, that's what students believe. But I think that no matter what you do, you can contribute positively to the world and the community around you."

This summer Brown is doing an internship program which is a first responding program in Calgary.

"It is seven days working firsthand with the first responders in Calgary. It'll be like nine to five shifts every day and I'm basically shadowing paramedics, firefighters and police officers."

When it comes to the first semester of next year's school year she will be taking a break to travel and volunteer before deciding if she would rather become a paramedic or firefighter and start that in the second semester.

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