Nearly 30,000 people have been removed from their homes as more than 100 wildfires in central and northern Alberta continue to burn.

This has many Albertans stepping up with financial donations or offering up different ways to help displaced residents. 

Keith Grainger, President of the Dogpound Stampede Agriculture Society said they have plenty of space for people to stay, and they're more than happy to accommodate. 

"There's a lot of room for people to camp, probably 100 or so. As far as animals go, it all depends if they can be together or not. We have the arena, and we have water sources. If they needed to be in their own separate corral, we have maybe 10-15 different pens for horses, maybe 20."

Grainger said they haven't taken anyone in yet, but they're waiting with open arms at any point. 

"We just started this on the weekend, I got a text from one of our committee members asking if we would we be interested in doing this, and I said, yeah for sure, let's offer it up." 

Evacuees are invited to go to their Facebook page or call Grainger at 403-710-3837.