The Volunteer Airdrie Society is gearing up for an innovative fundraiser this weekend that not only addresses the pressing need for water conservation, with a drought looming but also supports the growth and development of young volunteers.

Pre-order sales for the event concluded last weekend, so anyone who has already purchased barrels will be able to pick up theirs at an event this Saturday. But there will be a limited amount of barrels there for purchase as well, so you'll want to get there early. You'll find the sale 5 minutes West of Airdrie, on Range Road 14 off Township Road 270 (#265232 Rural Road 14) between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Naomi Slipp, a board member of the Volunteer Airdrie Society, we delve into the significance of their upcoming rain barrel sale event and its impact on the community.

"The reason why I discovered this outfit and the fundraising partnerships they do, is I was trying to find a rain barrel for myself and realized that I was having a hard time finding one that wasn't like one of these super fancy expensive ones."

With potential water restrictions on the horizon, the demand for rain barrels has skyrocketed. so what began as a personal quest for a simple rain barrel led Naomi to discover an opportunity to address both a need for funds for Volunteer Airdrie and community-wide concerns.

The fundraiser, organized in collaboration with, aims not only to provide practical solutions for water conservation but also to support the Youth Volunteer Corps. A program that caters to youth aged 11 to 18, through regular volunteer activities, the program fosters invaluable life skills, lasting friendships, and a sense of civic responsibility among Airdrie's younger residents. 

The proceeds from the rain barrel sale will not only cover program overheads but also contribute towards sending our deserving youths to an international volunteer summit. This initiative not only enriches the lives of individual participants but also strengthens the fabric of the community by nurturing a culture of giving back to the community and service.

As Naomi aptly puts it, volunteering isn't just about giving—it's about the profound fulfillment that comes from making a positive impact.

"People who give back and people who volunteer, I know I find this myself, it's just it's such a wonderful, fulfilling thing. I don't think I've ever met anybody who volunteers and says, well, it was a miserable experience. People love it and it's just so wonderful for the community."

As the event draws near, Naomi extends a heartfelt invitation to the community, urging them to participate in this dual-purpose fundraiser. By purchasing rain barrels from the Volunteer Airdrie Society, residents can not only prepare for water conservation but also invest in the future of their community's young leaders.