It started with a big boom just after 8 pm Monday night. Two hours later, a Bragg Creek Husky station was contained but not much was left of the building.

The Cochrane Fire Department along with crews from other surrounding communities including Priddis, Springbank, Madden, and Langdon joined in the efforts to keep the fire from getting out of control and spreading into the nearby businesses.

Cochrane Fire Cheif Mac de Beaudrap confirmed the involvement of his Fire Department Tuesday afternoon.

"We sent a water tender, and two firefighters," according to de Beaudrap. "They were there for several hours".

de Beaudrap said that Bragg Creek's fire services are located in Redwood Meadows, about 11 mintues away from the community.

Nobody was seriously hurt in the fire: only the station's owner suffered minor burns. Firefighters suspect that the blaze started inside the garage and spread to the rest of the structure.