The City of Calgary has said it is monitoring weather conditions in which a second weather system could bring more heavy rain. There are predictions that it could hit Calgary and areas to the west early next week.

The City is working closely with Environment and Climate Change Canada to track the second system. While some models show little to no impact on Calgary, some show the possibility of heavy rain early next week.

"We are seeing a potential for a second event to materialize," said Francois Bouchart, Director of Water Resources. "It is important to understand that due to the recent rain, the ground is now saturated and will not be able to absorb as much rainfall. Therefore, future rain will result in more run-off into the Elbow and Bow Rivers."

Until the full impacts of the second system are known, The City will continue to take every precaution to remain prepared and able to respond to emerging events. This will include leaving pumps in place and preparing to close water outfalls as needed.

Water levels are still high, and the boating advisory remains in effect on both the Bow and Elbow Rivers and will be in place until water levels taper off to a safe level. Calgarians are advised to stay away from the rivers and against boating and all other watercraft activities on the Bow and Elbow Rivers as well as the Glenmore Reservoir during this time.

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