"Hand-Made Stencil Pile (MBFTC Studios) - 2011" by Zachary Abbott

Artists in Airdrie and area have a public place to display their art work, thanks to an innovative City program.

Michael McAllister, with the City's Community Development team explains:

McAllister says response from the public has been very positive - and artists are definitely benefiting from the program.

Zachary Abbott is a multi-media artist who currently has his unique acrylic / aerosol works on display at the City.

Make Believe - "hrowup" (Printed on 100% Organic Cotton) - 2010

Screen Printing on card-stock - "The Ruin" (MBFTC Logo)
Framed by 17th Ave. Framing - 2011

MBFTC Sticker / Hand made
Hemp Bracelet - 2011

Abbott is also one of the artists responsible for the mural on the Millar Trucking building on First Avenue. Abbott says his work definitely has an aspect of graffiti to it - the mural is an example of how that manifests. And it's a great example of collaboration between business and local artists.

Artists interested in displaying their work can email McAllister at michael.mcallister@airdrie.ca or call the City Community Development team at 403.948.8800