Local member of parliament (MP) Blake Richards shared his reaction to the federal conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre being ousted from the House of Commons on Tuesday.

The incident happened shortly after Poilievre blamed Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau during the question period, for allowing British Columbia to decriminalize small amounts of hard drugs (which the province now wants to reverse) and calling him a "wacko". When Poilievre would not take back what he said he was asked to leave.

Greg Fergus, the Speaker of the House gave Poilievre multiple chances to retract his remarks, but Poilievre would not, only switching the word to 'extremist' and then to 'radical'.

Once Poilievre left, the rest of the opposition members of parliament followed suit and walked out with him, one of them being Airdrie Banff MP Blake Richards.

"The policy that Poilievre was talking about is absolutely wacko," stated Richards. "The Prime Minister was throwing personal insults back at him (Poilievre) but when he (Poilievre) called Trudeau and his policy wacko, the liberal speaker threw him out."

According to Richards, Poilievre getting ousted was a partisan move designed to cover for the Prime Minister.

"It's just unacceptable that you have a liberal speaker trying to cover for a wacko Liberal Prime Minister."

Richards revealed his first instinct was to get up and walk out with Poilievre when he was asked to leave the House.

"It was kind of a spontaneous thing that we (the Conservatives) all knew was the right thing to do. It's our (the Conservatives) job as an opposition party to stand up when we see policies that are clearly wrong, and clearly damaging to the country."

A day later, things had returned to normal as the conservatives were sitting back in their seats for question period. The only lingering sign that argument was still top of mind was when the Conservatives and Bloc Québécois asked the Speaker to resign but would not do so.

Richards concluded by saying he had never seen anything like this happen before and that it was complete censorship.

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