The Better Business Bureau (BBB), along with the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM), are warning Airdronians of moving frauds during the month of May, which is Moving Month. 

Wes Lafortune, the Media and Communications Specialist for BBB, says one of the most common type of moving scams are the “fly-by-nighters". 

“They have a truck, but they're not reputable movers, and they will quote you a really low price. Then they do the move and they either disappear with people's household belongings or they'll call you later and say they're going to need a thousand more dollars and hold your belongings hostage.” 

Lafortune mentions they really want to put out a warning to people to hire a reputable mover, do their research, and check with the Canadian Association of Movers. 

“Historically, there are about 1100 complaints, per year, through BBBs scam tracker and that ends up being close to a million dollars in losses.” 

Lafortune says it goes back to doing the initial research. 

“Finding a reputable mover that has an excellent track record out there that will provide you with a quote in writing. You want a company that has a physical location.” 

Lafortune says moving season has really picked up over the course of COVID, which ultimately leads to more people falling victim to moving scams. 

“It has picked up just because there's more movement out there, people are moving right across Canada. There are people moving now to Calgary from parts of Ontario and British Columbia because of the affordability of housing compared to those centers. With that kind of activity, we expect to see more reports of losses and fly-by-night operations.” 

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