Airdrie resident Dylan Twyman is still in shock as he pieces together what happened to him last week when he was involved in a frightening collision on the QEII. Despite the collision, however, he is also thankful for several residents who stopped to check on him and offer help. 

Twyman was heading home after work, late on Wednesday evening, on the QEII, when he noticed in his rearview mirror, that a pair of car lights behind him seemed to be coming closer and closer at an alarming speed.

"A lot of people speed on [that] the road anyway; so in my mind, I just thought that it was a typical speeder - happens all the time," he said. "And then it just kept coming and coming. I was in the middle lane, and he was in the fast [far-left hand] lane, and then as he came up to me, he just swerved into the middle lane and just rammed me from behind."

Twyman had little time to process what was happening as he attempted to correct his vehicle, but with the impact of the collision, his car ended up going sideways.

aAirdrie resident Dylan Twyman is still in shock as he pieces together what happened to him last week when he was involved in a frightening collision that occurred last week. (Photo provided by Dylan Twyman)

"I don't know what my body did. I didn't think about anything. I just immediately grabbed a hold of the seat and seat belt and I just tried not to get hurt. I just started going sideways [and] rolling around."

Tywman's vehicle, a Ford Escape, came to rest in a ditch on the side of the QEII, near the Balzac weigh scales, after rolling several times.

"I remember going sideways on the highway and then continually rolling into the ditch. The entire time I was in the ditch, I was either upside down or on my side, it would roll onto one window; and slide a little bit. My car filled with snow and would roll over again. Then it finally came to a stop on my passenger door."

Although Twyman said that he had oft heard that if one is injured, one should stay put, he opted for attempting to get out of his vehicle, which he managed to do. 

"I unbuckled myself; my foot was stuck to the gas pedal, but I got out. My phone was on the ground, I grabbed my phone and then I climbed out the driver's side door, over and out of the car."

When asked if he noticed what happened to the other car and driver, he said he noticed that the other car was also in the ditch.

"The front end was crushed and his window was smashed. The only reason I know that part, is his car was also at the same impound yard as mine after it got towed away. He was maybe 20-30 feet away from me as the car slid into the ditch behind me.:

Mounties have since confirmed that the other driver involved in the collision, a 54-year-old Airdrie resident, attempted to flee the scene, but was apprehended and is facing charges, including impaired driving.

While Twyman is still coming to grips with the collision, he said that after he managed to free himself from the car, several motorists who had stopped, immediately asked if they could help him in any way.

"After the fact... I started processing and it was amazing how many people [this late at night], especially when it's cold outside, stopped to make sure I was okay. There was a gentleman that let me sit in his car, while I was calling the cops [and] calling my family. He told me that he would stay with me and he even offered to give me a ride with him."

Tywman also mentioned that another individual, whom he believes is also an Airdrie resident and possibly a retired paramedic, began checking his vitals, as Tywman waited for the arrival of other first responders.

"It was just nice to have all those people stop and help me; even after I was being taken care of [by first responders] there must've been six or seven people stop, at least, to come by to check to make sure I was okay."

Tywman posted about the collision on a local social media group, extending his thanks to all those who stopped to help. The post gained popularity, with many expressing astonishment at the fact that he didn't have more extensive injuries, but also praising those who stopped to help.

"That's why I posted in the group, so I could reach out; to hopefully see if they were [also in the group], just to say thank you to them."

Although he did not sustain any life-threatening injuries, Tywman said he is continuing to see doctors to make sure there are no internal complications or injuries. 

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