On February 24th, Airdrie RCMP went a home in Bayside to check on the well-being of a woman. 33 year-old Andrea Conroy was found dead in her residence. It was determined that she was the victim of a homicide.

Airdrie RCMP held a media conference Thursday afternoon to provide an update on the murder. After extending condolences to the family, Insp. Tony Hamori said the investigation is ongoing and refused to comment on Rick Doucette, the only suspect in the case.

Hamori confirmed that Conroy was the victim of a stabbing.

In addressing the suggestion on social media that there are other potential victims or that Conroy was held hostage, Hamori said there is no evidence to support either claim.

Exhaustive attempts were made to locate Rick Doucette for questioning. On February 25th, Nanton RCMP located the body of a man in a hotel in Nanton. He was identified as Doucette, who committed suicide and was previously in a relationship with Conroy.

Until the time of her death, Conroy was unknown to the RCMP. No previous calls for help were received from, or about her. 

Here is Insp. Tony Hamori's full statement on the homicide.

The family requests privacy at this time as they deal with this tragedy.

The RCMP and the City of Airdrie take domestic and family violence very seriously and will investigate any allegation of family violence regardless of how the information is received. Prior to this incident, The City of Airdrie approved funding for an additional Domestic Violence position for the RCMP to ensure that support and oversight into these investigations remains at a consistently high level as the city continues to grow.  Domestic violence is one of Airdrie RCMP's policing priorities for the community.