Airdrie firefighters are thankful for an anonymous poster with words of gratitude thanking all first responders. It was definitely a special surprise that firefighters came back to, to see such a kind note left at the Veterans Fire Station.

"We're in the business to serve people and to help people. We get that recognition back so often on the front lines," explained Deputy Chief of Operation Garth Rabel.

When it's put on their stations like that, and it's such kind words, it does make them feel good about what they do.


Because the message was anonymous, Rabel mentioned that it's all about these residents taking their time to say thank you, which is what matters most.

"Folks stop by the station to say thank you face to face and sometimes they do anonymous gestures. Let's just continue to reach out and support each other. There are difficult times in the world right now. But in Airdrie, it's wonderful to see the community shoulder support for us; and of course, [we] will always be there to support our community."

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