Hey, Airdrie! Are you ready for another week of absolute craziness on the Air 106 Morning Show with the fabulous Claire Spencer? Well, buckle up because this week is promising to be one for the books, filled with floral fun, winter wonders, and a huge concert announcement that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

  1. Floral Fridays with Flower Whispers: Blooms and Trivia Galore! 🌸

Every Friday, Claire is turning up the floral vibes with "Floral Fridays" brought to you by Flower Whispers. Picture this: you, a cozy living room, and a stunning flower arrangement that could rival the beauty of any garden. How do you snag this fabulous treat? It's easy! Just text your guess to the trivia question at (403) 212-1061, and you could be the lucky winner of a $75 voucher for a breathtaking flower arrangement. Perfect timing for Valentine's Day or for adding a splash of colour to your home during the winter months. Get ready to unleash your inner trivia expert and tune in for Floral Fridays!

  1. Jeep Wrangle Winter Wednesday: Adventure Awaits! 🚙❄️

Hold onto your hats, because Jeep Wrangle Winter Wednesday coming up again this week with an added extra! This week, Air 106 and Your Alberta Jeep Dealers are giving you the chance to win big. Just listen for the cue to call, and you could be on your way to winning a brand-new, fully-loaded 2024 Jeep Wrangler (4-Door Sahara) valued at nearly $70,000! As if that's not enough, the lucky winner also scores two tickets to see Dusk Sings Bennett on April 13th at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino. It's a package deal of adventure, music, and luxury! Want more ways to qualify?

Look out for the Jeep Wrangle Winter Sticker with a QR code – scan it, enter, and you're instantly qualified! Plus, share your winter conquests on social media using #JeepWrangleWinter or visit here to enter and read more. So, where will the Jeep crew be to scan that code? Keep your ears glued to the radio, or follow Jeep Wrangle Winter on Instagram for the latest updates. You can also just drop by our studio on Main Street to enter! The thrill of winter awaits, and it's revving up on Jeep Wrangle Winter Wednesday!

  1. Concert Announcement Extravaganza: Beat the Box Office! 🎶

But wait, there's more! Tomorrow morning, Claire has a major concert announcement that will set your music-loving heart aflutter. Tune in to be the first to know who's hitting the stage, and discover how you can win tickets before they even go on sale! It's the ultimate "Beat the Box Office" experience, and you won't want to miss out. Get ready to turn up the volume, dance in your living room, and score those concert tickets like a true VIP.

Whether you're a flower enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or a music buff, the Air 106 Morning Show has something special just for you. It's a week filled with laughter, excitement, and the chance to win big – all courtesy of Claire Spencer and the fantastic team at Air 106! Tune in and make your mornings brighter. 🌞📻 #Air106Fun