If you want to learn about where food really comes from, the Calgary Stampede is the place to be.  Aggie Days is back for the 27th year at the BMO center this weekend.  It will take place from 10-5pm on April 21 and 22, 2012.  

Dave Lance, a member of the Calgary Stampede's Agriculture Education Committee says "Our goal is to educate our urban cousins or concrete kids as we call them, all about agriculture and where their food comes from.  We will teach them where their milk comes from, they will see beef animals, pigs, pretty much any animal you see on the farm, you will see at Aggie Days."  He says there will also be displays on making bread, as well as some of the latest farm machinery will be displayed.  

"There will be some hands on activities in the hall.  One of the most popular ones that we have, is we have some horse tails mounted, so we let kids come in and do a braid job on the horse tail," Farmer Dave explains.

Aggie Days is all about educating people about agriculture and teaching them about how food is produced and where it comes from. Farmer Dave says lots of food producers will be there, including himself, so you can talk to them and ask questions.  He says they've had huge success in the past, and he hopes everyone can make it down to the grounds.  "And the best part about Aggie Days...is it's absolutely free!"