The two teams of the Lip Sync Sirens met head to head last night to donate blood to Canada Blood Service in the Town and Country Centre in Airdrie.

 Team Blue, consisting of Airdrie Municipal Enforcement and RCMP, laid down next to their rival Team Red, the Fire Department, and EMS, and had blood drawn for donations to see who can break the tie between the teams in the lip sync sirens challenge.

Team Blue won the previous month of December with a food drive, but the winner of January will have the chance to pick a song for the losing team to lip sync to.

Captain of the Airdrie Fire Department Todd Munro describes what exactly was happening at the blood drive last night.

"We're doing a blood drive tonight. We're doing it (on) January 22nd and the 11th. We have a bunch of firefighters and EMS here to donate blood as well as the RCMP and MEs, just some friendly competition. We're all tied up and we'll see who's going to win this one and take it all."

Munro is impressed with Airdrie's support in this blood drive and in the previous months.

"It's fantastic. With the toy drive and food drive, now with the blood drive, everybody benefits. We're getting great support and everybody cheering for Team Red," jokes Munro. "But we'll see how this month ends."

Corporal Gina Slaney of the RCMP and Team Blue describes giving blood as not a very big deal.

"It's fine, I've been through far worse than a little needle stick."

Slaney says the teams came together to decide to give blood for the month of January.

"All of the groups who are involved in this lip sync challenge had a meeting to see how we could make the biggest difference. The blood banks are always looking for blood after Christmas so we thought it was quite fitting to do it in the month of January."

For anyone who may have missed yesterday's blood drive, you are not out of luck. Munro says there are ways to get in to donate blood.

"They can go to Canada Blood Services' website and they can register and look for dates when they're in Airdrie (to) book themselves an appointment to come and donate some blood."

Both teams have codes for anyone in Canada to donate blood for either Team Blue or Team Red.

"For Team Blue (the code is) AIRD907013, so if you donate blood anywhere in Canada during the month of January, use that code to support Team Blue," says Slaney

"Fire and EMS is AIRD300565 and that also is Canada wide, so if any AHS/EMS through the province hears this message, go and donate some blood for the month of January," says Munro

Remember to support your team.


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