Keep the 'sweet' in your Home Sweet Home when it's -35°C.

With the extreme cold weather Airdrie and Rocky View has seen over the past several days, maintaining your home properly during the cold months is crucial in saving homeowners money and stress. When the cold hits, it hits hard and it's important to routinely check up on the different parts and appliances of your home.

Adam Boccinfuso, owner of Bocc Home Inspections in Airdrie explains why homeowners should be checking up on their appliances and home structures regularly.

"Just because these things are installed by professionals, doesn't mean they're always going to be working fine. We routinely take our cars to the mechanic, we go to the doctor or dentist, everything needs a check up and a tune up. Same with your home. It has many systems in place and it's important to have your yearly servicing done, cleaning done, and just have things checked and make sure they're up to par."

Airdrie has seen temperatures dip as low as -45°C in overnight windchills this year and this kind of cold takes a serious toll on a home.

One of the more common issues homeowners face during extreme cold weather are furnace and hot water tank vent lines/intakes that freeze outside with water and as a result, shut down your furnace or stop your water tank from heating. This issue can prevented by a routine trip to your outdoor vent to knock any ice or snow off it. Boccinfuso says that this should be done almost every day when the weather drops to extreme cold temperatures.

Boccinfuso shares some other extreme cold weather homecare tips that can help prevent homeowners from breaking the bank.

"If temperatures are set too low on your thermostat, chances of your airlines freezing are much greater. I'd keep your temperature at 20-21°C. Some people like it higher so one thing to keep in mind is that if it's higher, condensation on your window are going to happen as hot air meets the cold window."

Homeowner Tips During the Extreme Cold  

  • Clear or knock ice/snow blockage from your furnace or water tank vent lines
  • Avoid window condensation by keeping your humidity at around 20%, open blinds and curtains regularly - airflow is very important for windows. Excessive condensation can lead to structure damage from moisture and potential mould growth 
  • Proper insulation of attic to avoid losing heat or leakage, ensure weather stripping around attic hatch is sufficient enough to avoid hot air loss - otherwise frost may build up on the inside sheathing and then melt as it gets warmer and cause issues
  • Get your furnace services around September or October by an HVAC specialist and have your lines cleaned out
  • Ensure all carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and properly installed and functional - if vent lines become blocked, chances of carbon monoxide in the home increases
  • Maintain an internal temperature at around 20-21°C to prevent airlines from freezing


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