Yesterday road conditions north of the City were not favourable to drivers and were a contributing factor to a multi-vehicle collision that injured six.  

 Six people were treated for their injuries after the collision near Carstairs. 

Emergency crews were called out to the crash near Highway 591 and Highway 2 east of Carstairs, while Emergency crews were on scene another collision occurred at the same location. 

Two local firefighters were injured and transported to the hospital with four other citizens including a tow truck driver who was treated for his injuries at the Airdrie Urgent Care Center. 

Carstairs Mayor Lance Colby says it's important for people to slow down when approaching accidents so these kinds of incidents do not occur. 

"There was a couple of accident on the highway by the overpass and its always dangerous people don't slow down and pay attention and we had one of our fire trucks get rear-ended from someone not paying attention, I just want to put out there people need to slow down for emergency crews." 

Airdrie RCMP released a statement of the not favourable road conditions early yesterday afternoon and with the refreezing of water on the roads tonight and the fresh snowfall expected today, highway road conditions may once again be dangerous. 

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