It's nearly time for coffee with a cop, a hot chocolate with the heat or a Mocha with a Mountie.

Mochas with Mounties will be taking place on the 24th in order for locals to have the chance to ask RCMP officers questions in a more amiable circumstance than being pulled over and asked for your licence and registration.

Constable Tracy Hare said the April Mochas with Mounties will concentrate on traffic safety.

"The next Mochas with Mounties on April 24th is going to be at the Starbucks in Kings Heights. At that time, we will have members such as myself. I'm the municipal traffic services member. I will be in attendance along with some of the municipal enforcement members. The theme is going to be for traffic, but any other RCMP related issues or questions are also welcome. We will be there to answer questions or just meet with the public if they want to have a chat with us or discuss any concerns they may have, especially for traffic safety-related issues."

Following the incredible turn up in March, Hare is hoping for an even larger one.

"We hope, we always hope, to have a big crowd come. In some ways, it's good because we know the community engaged and they're interested in developing those relationships with the police in the community. If nobody comes, then we would like to think that's maybe a sign that people don't have concerns. But, we know there are concerns in the community. We're being contacted daily with different concerns about speeding in residential areas or school zones. We know there are concerns out there, so we encourage any members of the public who want to address these concerns."

Hare said they chose the traffic safety concentration due to concerns from Airdrie locals.

"From my current role in dealing with the traffic safety for the city of Airdrie, a lot of the concerns seem to be about speeding, specifically in school zones and residential zones. Those are probably the majority of complaints that we get."

"There's also distracted driving, so cellphones are a big issue as well."

Although traffic safety is the main topic, locals are encouraged to ask any RCMP related questions.

"Traffic safety is a big concern for us with the RCMP and the municipal enforcement. We will have members out on the road, enforcing the traffic safety act and other legislation related to traffic safety. We just want to remind drivers that the priority is to make sure that the roads are safe for everybody."


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