Even though regular gas prices are slowly dipping, why Is Airdrie more expensive when compared to other communities in Alberta? 

Patrick De Haan, who is head of Petroleum Analysis at GasBuddy said that part of the answer lies in how fast, or in this case how slow gas stations respond to wholesale gas prices. 

“Some stations may simply pass it along faster or slower to the retail stations. It is really completely random how aggressive stations are in lowering prices. There's really no golden rule. You may find a gas bar in a small town much cheaper or much more expensive than a larger city.” 

According to De Haan, as long as we don’t have any major disruptions, regular gas prices should continue to go in the right direction, in this case downwards. 

“As we head into the cooler months, gasoline demand tends to be a bit lower. And that will likely push prices down a bit more as we enter the fall and into the winter.” 

Although we’ve seen gasoline drop in the past two weeks, diesel has been on the rise going from around $1.639 to around $1.859. De Haan says this is likely due to the supply of diesel tightening as we get closer to winter. 

“Many Canadians are starting to fill up with heating oil for the season. Heating oil is basically the same as diesel now. We’re seeing an impact from very high demand from commerce. During the summer months as the economy heated up, we saw a lot of construction equipment, a lot of demand from things like ships, trains and semi-trucks to carry products to the market. So, demand has been higher”. 

Right now, regular gas in Airdrie sits around the $143.9 mark while diesel sits around $184.9. 

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