An air of mystery continues to shroud the identity of the Parade Marshal for Airdrie's Canada Day celebrations. Of course, it is not without good reason that some element of surprise remains leading up to July 1. 

"This individual, in our opinion embodies the spirit of volunteerism in Airdrie. They were nominated by the community and this is somebody who has been involved with a number of community groups many times," said Sam Morros, the Chairperson of the Airdrie Parades Committee. "I can't say any more than that. We hope to announce, hopefully, early next week." 

With Canada Day being a mere 14 days away, there are currently between 60 and 70 floats registered to participate in the parade.

"[Our] full capacity is 130 and I think that is something that we have achieved in years prior to the pandemic. But as we're getting back to [normal], it's just a weird time," she said.  "100 is a good goal for our first year back following the end of the pandemic."

Airdrie Parades also announced that the deadline registration for parade floats has been moved up. The original cut-off deadline was June 24 but has been changed to Wednesday, June 22. 

While Morros was not able to divulge any details on what kind of parade floats will be seen this year, she did offer a tidbit of information on a recurring theme that spectators may see.

"People that are coming to the parade, can expect to see lots of exciting machines this year, from really cool, classic cars to drift vehicles to fire trucks and police cars. To me, that is a standout," she said. "Of course, we have some groups who are returning to the parade this year, who have traditionally been favourites."

Morros, who has been part of the parades since she was a child, has many cherished memories of the parades and the unique and colourful floats.

"One that really stood out to me was the Airdrie Registry. [They] had a big helium beaver balloon, it was kind of a Macy's Thanksgiving Parade where they had to hold on to it on ropes. That was super fun. One of my personal favourites is always Shriners because they bring those tiny little airplanes that do all the tricks."

Along with the parade floats, this year, like many years previous, the Calgary Stampede Band of Outriders will also be joining the parade. When asked if the weather is of any concern, Morros said that in the 25 years that she has been a part of the Parade Committee, the sun has always been out.

"It's always sunny on Canada Day. I can't remember a day when it rains. So we're hoping that that continues to be true."


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