It looks like swapping to summer tires might be a little premature. 

According to Environment Canada, there is a snowfall warning in effect for Airdrie and area, with a possibility of 10 to 20 cm expected. The snow is already falling, which could end up causing some trouble on the roads. 

Chris Hovagimian, the Assistant Manager at Fountain Tire, says now is normally when people start to think about switching winter tires for summers, but it’s easy to do it too early. 

“Everyone is kind of leery in the springtime on when to take them off. I always recommend late April to early May, even going as far as may long would probably be the latest I leave it. Do your due diligence and maximize your winter tire life. Case in point, the weather that we're getting right now.” 

Hovagimian says they’ve already had appointments made of Airdronians switching out tires. 

“When it was warm a couple of weeks ago, we definitely had an influx of business for seasonal swaps. We've had a couple of customers come back to have their winters put back on for this weather.” 

If you're holding off the winter tire swap, Hovagimian recommends if it's above 10 degrees to try to hold off on long highway trips. Heat can really damage winter tires on a long trip. 

“If you are planning a trip and it's going to be nicer weather, maybe take a vehicle that doesn't have a set of winters on, or try to get those summers on before a long warmer weather trip.” 

The snow is supposed to start slowing down later tonight. 

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