With lots of conversation surrounding how the city of Airdrie cleans the roads after a large snowfall or storm, here is how Rocky View County (RVC) cleans the roads they are responsible for.

All paved roads are sanded and plowed after a snow event in the following priority:

1.  Main service roads and/or roads that have the highest traffic volumes.

2. Roads with lower traffic volumes that connect to a main service road or serve subdivisions and local residential areas.

RVCPhoto of all the roads RVC takes care of. Photo provided by RVC.

According to Rocky View County, their goal is to clear all main roads or the highest traffic volumes within 36 hours while the other roads are within 60 hours.

It may take longer for them to clear the roads if:

  • The snowfall is continuous or prolonged, requiring crews to start over on higher-priority roads.
  • The snowfall is unusually heavy.
  • Parked or abandoned vehicles are blocking roads.
  • Snow falls at night or during peak traffic times when equipment must travel more slowly for safety.

Gravel roads are plowed once the snowpack reaches 10 cm and unmaintained roads used for moving large farm vehicles or equipment are plowed by request as resources permit.

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