With the long weekend just around the corner, the one question everybody wants the answer to: what will the weather look like? 

Sara Hoffman, a Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, has those details. 

“Things should cool slightly for the long weekend but we do expect it to stay warmer than normal.” 

Over the weekend, daytime highs will be around 23 degrees with overnight lows of eight degrees. 

“We are expecting a chance of showers and a chance of thunderstorms as well. That risk of thunderstorms will increase the further north you go from Airdrie. If you're headed to Camrose for Big Valley Jamboree, you will have a greater chance of thunderstorms this weekend.” 

Hoffman mentioned we will have about a 30 per cent chance of thunderstorms through the weekend. 

“We're looking at a bit of a shift after the weekend into some cooler air and some rainy conditions. Things will be a little bit cooler and a little bit different.” 

As of right now, the current forecast predicts daytime highs of 22 degrees for next Tuesday and about 20 degrees for the post-long weekend Wednesday. 

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