While the next few days Airdronians will be forced to endure morning windchills that will be hovering in the -30 Celsius range, that blisteringly, bitingly, frigid winter blast will be coming to an end.

According to Climate Change and Environment Canada, by Friday, Airdrie will be hovering around zero degrees during the day, with the evening bringing a balmy -6 degrees. The weekend is even warmer, with hopes of sunny skies. Saturday, there will be cooler temperatures, though, by Sunday, the daytime high thus far is forecast at 2 degrees Celsius. 

This week's temperatures have been far below average, as November's average high is forecast at around 4.6 degrees, while the low is around -7 degrees. It is unlikely Airdrie's residents will see temperatures like the ones in 1923, where it was a record-breaking 21 degrees celsius. 

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