Young Airdrie musician Hayley Isabel has been playing all sorts of different venues for quite some time now since she debuted her music video Camouflage. 

The song, which she wrote on her own during one particularly dull math class, has resonated with many. Previously she said that the song is about a girl trying to fit in, wearing clothes like everyone and trying to blend in, even though it's not who she really is. 

"I feel I feel like a lot of people can relate to this story. One person said to me that everyone has been through that and I totally agree," she said. "It's neat to know that someone else is feeling the same way when I'm singing my song."

Recently, Isabel's guitar teacher, Steve Jevne, who also works with Guitars for Vets Canada, an organization that matches veterans and currently serving members of the military who have PTSD with gently used guitars for music therapy, gifted his pupil with something special.

Because the program oftentimes receives electric guitars, which are more challenging to play on than acoustic guitars, he decided that one of the surplus guitars that was left over might come in handy for Hayley. Jevne filmed Isabel's first interaction with her new electric guitar and the video amassed well over 50,000 hits.

"I think Haley's reaction was pretty genuine. I think that's something that's missing in the world. So, when people see something that's genuine, they tend to like it and flocked to it," he said. "I [also] think anything that has to do with people donating stuff and seeing it put to good use...I think people enjoy seeing guitars [being played] and not just sitting in the corner."

Hayley, who was surprised and honoured by the gift, said playing the guitar was exhilarating.

"We started playing this riff and then [Steve] said let's try it on the electric guitar just for fun and he played it," she said. "And then  the video was still recording and he asked me if I liked the guitar and I said I love it."

When Jevne offered the guitar to Hayley, she was taken aback.

"He asked if I wanted it and I was so surprised, but I was so grateful because it was a super neat opportunity to play a different guitar."

When asked if she is planning on using the guitar in some of her upcoming shows, she said she'd love to; and there are many upcoming shows for this aspiring star. She has upcoming shows in Calgary, as well as being a part of another famous Airdrie musician's record release party. In late April, Hayley will be performing at the Amazing Airdrie Women Awards and the Airdrie Children's Festival in May. She is also going to be making an appearance at Pete Knight Days Crossfield Rodeo in June, and come this fall she will also be at AIRDRIEfest. 

When asked what her mom hopes for her daughter's future, she said that she has always wanted to ignite her daughter's passion, but has always left the rest up to her.

"It's like it's a burning ball inside of her and It's just so wonderful as a parent to watch that and help support that; because it's really not being driven by anyone but her."

Hayley also said that if the opportunity arose, she would love to visit and be a guest during one of the Guitars for Vets Canada gatherings. 

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