If you think you were cold last week, imagine how these Airdrie firefighters felt after camping on top of a roof for charity in the midst of -40 temperatures. 

This year, Airdrie Fire Department firefighters braved the elements on top of the Toad 'n' Turtle Pubhouse & Grill last week to help raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy.

These four firefighters spent 72 hours up there.

Andrew MacPherson with the Airdrie Fire Department couldn't believe all the encouragement the firefighters received that toughed out the cold.

"There was lots of positive encouragement like people bringing coffee, hot chocolate and just the donating in general."

Coming into this year MacPherson did expect to surpass last year's total of around $22,600. But this year $23,627 was raised for Muscular Dystrophy.

Next year MacPherson hopes that they are able to promote it even more so they are able to raise much-needed funds.

It is estimated that approximately upwards of 50,000 Canadians have muscular dystrophy, and though there are various treatments, there is no cure.  

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